For more than 20 years and after three decades of experience in the field of rubberized fabric products, at MERIN SRL, we have been producing standard and customized tanks for the most famous racing cars, for ultralight or certified aircraft and for offshore or pleasure boat.

MERIN SRL is in the process of being registered as an Indian entity that will be a 100% subsidiary named TANKONIA.

Thanks to its founder, Enzo Giambartolomei, to the flexibility of a company made up of people attentive to customer needs, and to the continuous efforts for research and development of new materials and technologies, today MERIN has become an example of success for the goals and projects carried out together with customers which will further we brought to Indian customers
Regardless of whether it is large or small, at TANKONIA every request, even from private individuals, will be received the same attention.

At TANKONIA , we design, develop and manufacture all of our flexible tanks according to international standards, such as the standards that regulate the production of shockproof tanks for FIA competitions (FT3-1999, FT3.5-1999 and FT5-1999). The tests and quality controls are continuous, for this reason we were able to acquire the ISO 9001 certification and the AS / EN 9100 management system certification for the Aerospace and Defense sectors.

Safety is your choice

We have been protecting our customers and their vehicles since 1994.

We offer tailor-made solutions with individual or complete treatments for self-sealing, non-flammable, anti-grenade and anti-explosion fuel tanks, using the best technology for armoured and bulletproof vehicles.